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Russia is in PAL so we can cover Europe from here pretty much. I have a Datavideo DAC-100 which I’ve been unable to switch to output mode from my Intel Hackintosh, but I suppose I could rock it off a G5 PowerMac for duplication, since they are from the same era and there is an older version of Final Cut on it. If not, I could do with a usual DVD-to-VHS approach, but I’ll need a video file with a minute of silence and black screen in the start and end (to cut off the player’s stupid icons from the tape recording).

There aren’t many people using VHS in Russia neither many Newton users (feeling lonely to be the only one point on the map!) so this only has a point if we cover Europe with that. I’m not sure where do I get the tapes in bulk here in Europe though. I usually buy Maxell 240 minute tapes at the local electronics store but they seem to be low on them already and they do cost quite a bit, so I use those for important recordings and buy used tapes at a local flea market; I suppose neither are a viable option for such an important thing as a movie release though :-) 

Also I’ll need a PSD or AI file of the tape stickers.

PS. As you’ve said you’ll be traveling to shoot interviews, I suppose it’s pointless to go here in Ufa because there are totally no other Newt users, but there might be some in Moscow (there is even an Apple Museum there!), or in case you’ll be going to Tokyo for an interview too, I’ll be visiting both in summer, so in case you’d want to meet up there, just drop me a line in advance off-list. Would save you an unnecessary trip to this weird city here :-)

// Ak.R.

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On 24 Apr 2017, at 6:43 , Noah Leon <moosefuel at gmail.com> wrote:

> Also to Ak.R,
> Yes that would be fun to duplicate tapes in Russia, it really depends how
> popular they are and where in the world the people who choose that option
> are. Is Russia on the PAL standard as well or is it another format
> (although it doesn't really matter these days unless you are using a dead
> format like VHS)?
> Noah
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