[NTLK] Leaving List

Grant Hutchinson grant at splorp.com
Mon Apr 24 14:09:18 EDT 2017

>> I joined this list years ago to seek support for extending Newton's
>> handwriting recognition.  It may have been an implausible project, but it
>> certainly had no support.
> But still, your project seems interesting (but I lack the programming/tech
> skills I'm sure to lend a hand)...might be worth persevering? Has Grant been
> in touch?

I connected with Michael regarding Newton font development tools back when he first approached the list about his idea for Arabic HWR. I wasn't aware that any development had been done on his part since then. Please correct me if I'm wrong, Michael.

I think that the "lack of support" has more to do with the very specific nature of this project and not the energy of the list members.


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