[NTLK] Love Letter to Newton Movie

Grant Hutchinson grant at splorp.com
Mon Apr 24 17:29:34 EDT 2017

On 2017-04-24, at 1:28 PM, Vladislav Korotnev wrote:

>> I was thinking that this would be a Newton-specific version that could be packaged using Newton Movie Convertor or similar:
>> http://www.unna.org/view.php?/macos/NewtonMovieConverter2013
> I would like to note that the 2013 version, while removes the limits on the file length created by the RAM of the computer, does not do any compression. My «Bad Apple» video took up 10 megabytes for 3 minutes of quite low resolution (circa 240x240) video. I doubt we could anyhow fit a whole one hour long movie in a memory card readable by the Newton that it wouldn’t refuse to load or hang due to running out of memory either.

Thanks for the reminder of these limitations. It's been a while since I played with Movie Convertor (or even Lee Moon's original Newton Movie Player).

I had completely forgotten that Brad Tober published his source code for Newton Movie Player 2.0 on GitHub a couple of years ago.



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