[NTLK] Leaving List

Michael Sheflin sheflinm at gmail.com
Tue Apr 25 20:33:06 EDT 2017

I think the lack of support has more to do with the lack of hackers.
Personally I started thinking about extending HWR to Arabic in 2010 in
Egypt when I served (to my knowledge) the first and only Arabic handwriting
over a network, though it was only a picture.

The Revolution sidetracked me on that and I've been in law school for the
last 3 years.  Christian, I'm afraid I also lack the technical ability to
implement it on my own, though I had an IT prof. friend onboard, and we had
basically mapped out conceptually how the herculean effort it would have
required.  The interesting aspect was the right-to-left, not specifically
extending HWR to just another language.

Matej, my memory from 2010 is that the other language kits are all left to
right and that basically involves just remapping the characters but the
underlying mechanics remain the same.  I think you're right, it would
require a ROM patch; but I can't exactly remember.  It's possible I had a
fresher memory when I posted a thread on 68kmla a while ago, which was the
basis of Grant's referral.

I apologize that this was taken badly, Grant.  I should have left the list
without commentary or explanation.  I apologize.


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