[NTLK] Followup on international eMate shipment

Sylvain Pilet pilets at mac.com
Fri Apr 28 17:35:49 EDT 2017

Hi Frank,

I have followed the discussion on this battery rights issue…

This is a problem for all Newton users (especially those on the other side of the Atlantic and possibly the Australians). Maybe it will also affect the old continent if the plane is used to some countries.

This is indeed virtually ridiculous, now since every passenger now has at least one smartphone and sometimes also a laptop. As you say, the batteries are not of the same type. But it's still battery. I do not think airlines check if the passengers on a Galaxy Note 7!

Pawel may be right, maybe better not to indicate that the package contains Ni-Mh batteries. Or maybe put a sticker "battery" indicating another type (for example Li-ion?)
On the other hand legally I do not know what you risk not to indicate the right mention…

Sylvain Pilet

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Le 28 avr. 2017 à 06:18, Piotrowski Paweł (Newton) <newton at indigi.co.uk> a écrit :

> Hi Frank,
> I think you just had a bad luck with too correct person. Second thing - I never declare that device contain any batteries. I know it is not great, but...
> Best regards,
> Pawel Piotrowski
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