[NTLK] My OMP has problems! (Tom Zahm)

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Sat Aug 5 13:20:39 EDT 2017

While that is a good idea, if I remember correctly the OMP is very
similar to the MP110/120/130 in design with regard to the battery
compartment.  I don't think you have to disassemble the whole device to
clean the contacts.  Unless you had batteries leak at one point, then
there could be corrosion inside, but you should see some sign of it on
the visible contacts.  Steel wool will work but you might try a simple
rubber eraser first.  It will be easier, less potential mess, and might
do the trick.

Although now that I think of it, Tom mentioned trying only the AC
adapter with the same result.  Then it doesn't sound like bad battery

Did you try holding down the reset button for 20 seconds?  It is a deep
reset of the power systems and may fix it.

Did you try starting up with all packages frozen?  HIt reset then flip
it over and hold the pen about half way in the middle of the screen on
the very left edge.  A popup should ask if you would like to activate
internal packages.  Tap no.  If there is a corrupted package that is
causing the issue, it should come up fine after this.

Did you try a brain wipe?  I am not sure if it is the same with the OMP
but with most Newtons if you hit the reset button while holding down the
power switch it will ask if you want to erase all data.

Sometimes doing this and saying no is enough.  Other times you have to
tap yes.  If there is some data that is driving the boot up crazy
(corrupt add on package).

And the OMP have a "cold boot" option which also erases all data but may
bring it back to life.  remove the AC power, remove the batteries,
remove the round backup battery, hold down the power switch for 5
seconds, release power switch, then repeat holding the switch down for 5
seconds four more times.


On 8/5/2017 12:23 PM, Robert McRudden wrote:
> Tom,
> I have had similar problems with my MP2000. To fix it, I took it apart and cleaned the electrical contacts in the battery compartment and the on/off switch with steel wool. Use the plain grey stuff, not a blue soapy SOS pad. Makes it work again like new. The first time I disassembled the Newton, I found that the electrical contacts were green with corrosion.
> Rob


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