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Hi all, 

I?m trying to reproduce some of the easter eggs found here: 
http://newtonpoetry.com/2008/06/18/egg-freckles-easter-eggs-on-the-newton/ <http://newtonpoetry.com/2008/06/18/egg-freckles-easter-eggs-on-the-newton/>
on my MP2000.

"Egg freckles" doesn?t seem to work, nor does ?neat bong?, although ?about Newton? still works.

I?ve got the cursive recognizer turned on, I write the words, then highlight, and tap ?assist?, am I doing something wrong? Or was there an Apple patch which hides these?

Thanks in advance.


You can download the .sit from his website. 

Egg freckles enabler v1.0


🎵 🌸 🎶 🌛

Mailed from my tree house 

sir iZaac

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