[NTLK] Newton 120 in backlit version

NewtonTalk newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Wed Dec 20 20:13:06 EST 2017

> had no idea that the MP 120 came in a backlit version.

It never did. At least not from Apple.

The item shown here is either a 130 in disguise, or someone simply replaced
the flap and never tried if this Newton really does have backlight.

There are 120 models with backlight, but those were standard 120s modified
by Digital Ocean. Like the one I am currently trying to classify. These
animals can easily be recognized by the backlight button that slightly
protrudes from the pen silo. Digital Ocean mounted the custom backlight
board in the pen silo. The Newton shown here has a virgin pen silo, since
one of the pictures shows it with a pen in it.



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