[NTLK] NTLK] Followup on mystery Newton

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Thu Dec 21 17:08:52 EST 2017

> But then I kept on digging and found the original Visible Interactive site


Thanks for digging that out. I wasn't aware that Visible Interactive was
offering that many tours. I only knew about the Smithsonian tour.

The picture makes me believe, though, that it either shows a 130 or a 120
without backlight. It is kind of difficult to recognize, but it seems that
the red case does not allow access to the pen silo:


So it cannot be holding the Newton I am after, since this 120's backlight is
switched on by a switch that slightly protrudes from the pen silo:


In the image you see a little white rectangle protruding from the pen silo.
That's the end of the switch itself. Normally there's a little round black
plastic part that's clipped over that part. I have these parts (and also
some backlight boards) lying around somewhere, this is why I know that this
clip connection was not very reliable. This is probably the reason why the
black part is missing in my Newton. Be it as it may, the case doesn't appear
to have been made for operating such a switch, so I guess this picture must
show a 130.

Working with a worldwide network of Newton detectives is really fun. I never
heard the word iGo before. Another word I can feed Google with to help me
with my investigation.

Cheers, and thanks


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