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B Dudney kosmicdollop at saber.net
Sat Dec 30 14:08:51 EST 2017

If I understand this plan, it’s 800 minutes for $50 a year.

Page Plus has 2000 minutes for $80 if you need more minutes. And they’re reselling Verizon’s network, the most complete coverage across lower 48.

Scroll down to “Pay-As-You-Go Plans.” But I think you have to pay in person at a dealer.

Once you have a PagePlus phone, you can also purchase that plan online on this page.

They also have very cheap phones and decent support.


On 30 Dec 2017, at 10:25, Dan <dan at dbdigitalweb.com> wrote:

> This all for future reference if the new phone dies:
> You can get a MUCH better deal with Tracfone.  You can get a decent
> smart phone from them for $10 or so, then add say a 200 min card for 3
> months of service with the 200 min.  The minutes don't expire as long as
> your service stays active.  After the 3 months you have two options:
> 1. Add more time via the website and check the "get a year of service"
> check box at the bottom under "additional services" for $50 I think it
> is.  Something like that.  So if you get the lowest time amount possible
> ($10) you pay $60 a year for service.
> 2. Sign up for their "emergency plan"  Which if you run out of service
> days it kicks in and adds 30 days for $7.99
> Either way a lot cheaper than what you are paying now.  The only
> downside is, she will need to charge it up occasionally.  BUT if you
> have the phone all the way off (not in sleep mode) it should hold its
> charge for a few months.  However, li-ion batteries do NOT like hot
> temps and will kill them quickly.  One option is to remove the battery
> it comes with and put a cheap AA powered cell phone power pack in the
> glove compartment with the phone.  Then it should be good to go when you
> need it.  I have a couple of these AA power packs in case one of my
> devices that charge via USB need juice and I am far from an outlet.
> Or of course, she could just keep it in her purse.  The smaller phones
> (or even flip phones, they still have them as a option) she would forget
> she is even carrying it.
> -Dan
> On 12/30/2017 12:18 PM, Dennis Swaney wrote:
>> Re cellphones, my wife has had a Jitterbug Dial for 10 years, but the
>> battery is dying and new ones are no longer available, not even from
>> Samsung (the original Jitterbug was a Samsung SPH-A120). For $14.99 per
>> month she gets 200 minutes - not bad for a phone that is carried in her car
>> for emergencies and when she takes trips to visit family on Staten Island.
>> When she gets back from S.I. on Monday night, she'll find I bought her a
>> Jitterbug Flip to replace the old phone.
>> So if you just want a basic phone for emergencies, get the Jitterbug Flip.
>> However they do make a Jitterbug slab smartphone also, if you prefer that.
>> Sincerely,
>> Dennis B. Swaney
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