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Hi Herbert

Perhaps this 1-page guide might serve as a quick refresher and reference:  http://myapplenewton.blogspot.co.nz/2012/12/apple-newton-1-page-beginners-guide.html

Connecting to a "modern" PC requires installing a virtual machine with XP on it.  This is a very reliable set up.  

You might need to occupy one of your slots with a serial port adapter if you don't have a serial port built into the back of your mother board.



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Well where do l start guys......l had a 2100 newt 20 odd yrs ago and was stolen ffrom work car andthey wouldn't compensate me for it so l just gave up but had a few accessories left over and one day..decided to come back but after 20 yrs l'm bit rusty.l have now 4 old ones  and trying to transfer packages from win7 running 64bit and between them but no luck. I used to use gps on it/contacts/ etc....can't say ever had wifi or bluetooth option working on it but one things for certain they are fun to use, pretty damm smart and don't burn the house down. I need date patch, transfer between newts and generally setting up help all over again but look forward to having one up and running again and thanks for your messages and help in advance.
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