[NTLK] NetTime for 711000

Jake Bordens jake at allaboutjake.com
Thu Feb 2 19:39:08 EST 2017

I’m working on an app that relies on an accurate clock, so I wanted to sync my Newton to a time server.

There is apple sample code “NetTime” that syncs with the old “TIME” protocol on port 37.  Many servers don’t support this, but the NIST servers still do.

The app needed an update to account for the different clock offset for newtons running the 711000 patch that fixes the date issue.  (On non-patched newtons, the clock starts on 1/1/1993… after the patch it is 1/1/2008 – hence the app needed a new offset)

One note:  There is a NetTime package already on UNNA, and it seems to have a few extra features that are not in the sample code I have – a checkbox to enable/disable auto sync and a sync button.  My version of the code doesn’t have this.   I added back a button because it was simple, but not the checkbox.   If anyone has newer sample code with the checkbox, send it my way and I’ll update the offset and recompile.

I uploaded the new package to UNNA: http://www.unna.org/incoming/NetTime_for_%20711000.zip

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