[NTLK] OTPToken (Google Authenticator)

Jake Bordens jake at allaboutjake.com
Fri Feb 3 17:11:07 EST 2017

I’m eventually going to post a bunch of tutorials on Newton Development to you tube.  I wanted a simple sample project to step through in the videos to show various aspects of Newton Development.  So I wrote this:


It’s a google authenticator-style token for NewtonOS.  You need to have 711000 installed, the correct timezone set (so that it can calculate GMT) and a well-synchronized clock in order for it to generate the correct hashes.

It’s a good example project because it involves both NewtonScript and C code.  (The hash generator is in C, and the UI is in NewtonScript, which is a common pattern)

Anyhow, there’s a package in github if you’re interested in playing with it, but be aware that the “secret” is stored in a soup in plain text, if that’s the kind of thing that concerns you.


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