[NTLK] Newton USB Dongle

Jake Bordens jake at allaboutjake.com
Sun Feb 5 07:47:00 EST 2017

I recently purchased a FDTI serial cable for use in Mac OS Sierra and it worked without drivers.. I had a prolific-chipset cable but the driver was causing my machine to crash, so I decided to get the FDTI since it was more compatible, and apparently did not need drivers (though I do a lot of tinkering so its possible I had a driver installed for another device. 

I find it suspicious that it doesn’t show up as a USB device with a PID/VID in the profiler… that would indicate that it isn’t even showing up on the USB bus.  However silly, maybe try a different USB cable, sometimes cheap USB cables are charge-only. I’ve gotten bitten by that before.

Side note, I would like to acquire one of these “Adriano” dongles, if anyone has a stash of them and is willing to part with one. Would make development a little easier. My guess is that they are rare, and folks don’t want to part with them, and for that I’d understand.

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