[NTLK] Keyspan USA-28XG driver 2.1b4 for Mac OS 9

Steven Frank stevenf at panic.com
Thu Feb 9 02:54:53 EST 2017

I was trying to get a serial connection going between a PowerBook G3 running Mac OS 9.2.2 and an MP2100 and was having a lot of trouble getting my Keyspan USA-28XG USB-to-serial adapter recognized by the PowerBook.

It turns out there are (at least) three versions of this adapter: the 28, the 28X, and the 28XG.  Older versions of the Keyspan driver, such as 1.9, don't work with the 28XG; they do not detect the hardware.  However, I can confirm that the 2.1b4 version of the driver does work -- it's just very hard to find!

Google only had a few hits, some of them on rather questionable sites.  Download.com (remember Download.com?!) finally came through with the goods:


Since this might be possibly the only remaining legitimate living link to this driver, I mirrored it here:


There's a Keyspan driver on UNNA too that says it's "2.1" but specifically says in the description that it does not support the 28X or 28XG, so I'm not sure if that's incorrect, or maybe it's pre-2.1b4?  It's a different file than the one I found, and I didn't get around to trying it.  But maybe it's worth putting the 2.1b4 driver up there too just for posterity.


Anyway, NCU can talk to the Newton now, and I thought I should plop this info onto the list so I can find it the next time I try to do this and can't remember how I got it working.


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