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Joel M. Sciamma joel at inventors-emporium.co.uk
Tue Feb 14 08:09:24 EST 2017

I was following the discussion about QuickView and I have this running on my PB G3, so I opened the Newton Programmers Guide 2.1 in this format (already available in PDF) and printed the entire contents to a postscript file, converted to PDF.

The file is at this link:

So it is possible to get useful files from this qv file format but the links are not active. However, it might be useful intermediary step in generating something more usable.

I’ll keep fiddling.

Reminded once again how nice (and fast) those document viewers were.


>   3. "QuickView" docsets (Jake Bordens)

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> Does anyone know how to view/convert ?QuickView? docsets?
> My hope would be able to convert it to a format that Dash or another docset viewer would be able to view.
> The other alternative is to try and convert the NewtonScript PDFs into HTML and then into a Docset, but I was hoping that QuickView could be somehow converted.
> I can?t even find a quickview viewer for Mac Classic, so I?m guessing these .qv files are useless.  Just figured I?d ask if anyone had any experience with them.  While I?d like to have The NewtonScript Rreferences in a more cross referenced and searchable format, I don?t thin PDF->HTML->Docset is going to be an easy path.
> Jake

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