[NTLK] Dash Board Software

Rubens da Silva r.dasilva at comcast.net
Sat Feb 18 00:41:46 EST 2017

The free version of Dash Board from the GitHub project are working just fine for me. I can access menu and preferences. No errors. I tested on a MP2000 upgraded to 2100. Perhaps others can test as well. Here are the links that Morgan provided:



-  Rubens

> App working, but after click on Newton menu, there is some error window. Menu won?t show up. I think this is because part of code missing (Mark mention about it in README).
> So, if you don?t need to use Newton menu and preferences, it is OK, but if you need it? crap?
> I?ve sent message to Mark and asked him how to fix it. We will see.

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