[NTLK] newt/0 on 64 bit machines

Matthias Melcher mm at matthiasm.com
Tue Feb 28 19:35:09 EST 2017

I found a way to make newt/0, the NewtonScript compiler and interpreter, run natively on 64 bit machines. 

32 bit programs will sonn no longer be supported on some platforms (iOS, for example). Newt/0 was thought to be a 32 bit only program, because NewtonScript itself is based on 32 bit pointer math. Thanks to the fantastic and clean way the code is written, I replaced all pointer math with a lookup table system which works well for smaller tools. Only the basic programs were tested. Package creation is probably broken. There may be additional oversights.

All programs depending on newt/0 should now compile in 64 bit mode as well.


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