[NTLK] Apple Discontinued Newton Development

Bob Carls Dudney kosmicdollop at saber.net
Thu Mar 2 00:06:43 EST 2017

sirizaac wrote:
>> Was an exciting times. 
> Indeed; Lee & Blake of NewtonSourceSF said the line went down Sutter St. then around the corner on Kearny  St. when Apple launched the MP2k that morning.

My handy ~1992 Tandy laptop died a month before the MP 2000 launch. I borrowed a friend’s PC laptop and learned the 2000 would be released soon. Since it looked way better than anything else, plus was affordable compared to a PC and met my needs much better (for lots reasons, not least portability), I decided to wait for a Newt. Apple didn’t announce a firm release date until the day they became available at a number of retailers. More than a week before that my friend ran out of patience waiting to get her PC back.

I had already been calling Newton Source regularly, but after my friend started breathing down my neck I began to call every day to see if they had any yet. They finally got a shipment some days before the announcement, but I was too far down on the wait list for the few dozen or so units they got. But since I was bugging them so much they said “Come and get it!” I sat down in a cafe next door and became increasingly amazed and even thrilled at the elegance, integration and features. I’ll never get over my first computer love.


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