[NTLK] Connect to Internet over serial

Chris Parana chrisparana at mac.com
Fri Mar 3 12:54:35 EST 2017

Does anyone know how to connect a MessagePad to the internet over a serial link? I have mine connected to my Mac via a KeySpan serial adapter. I was able to successfully make a PPP connection between the two:

On the Mac

sudo /usr/sbin/pppd -detach local lock proxyarp tty.USA28X1a2P2.2 115200

On the MessagePad

Generic Setup

Protocol : PPP
Configuration : Manual
When closing : disconnect never
Local IP Address :
Gateway/Router Address :
Advanced Setting : Seriell, 115200-None-1, Hardware Flow Control

But beyond make the connection, I’m not able to do anything. I’m not quite sure how to bridge the connection.
Here is the output in the terminal when the connection is made:

publish_entry SCDSet() failed: Success!
publish_entry SCDSet() failed: Success!
Using interface ppp0
Connect: ppp0 <--> /dev/tty.USA28X1a2P2.2
Cannot determine ethernet address for proxy ARP
local  IP address
remote IP address
Committed PPP store
Committed PPP store

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