[NTLK] Newton Ux

Jeff Sheldon jeffsheldon at gmail.com
Fri Mar 3 17:20:36 EST 2017

There's been a lot of development work going into Einstein, but I haven't heard much in the way of "user experience".  

Assuming color extensions are one day introduced, I think it might be bad to implement them as an afterthought, by programmer benevolence, and/or through design-by-commitee. There's been brief discussion on color in the past and it was quickly apparent that opinions vary widely. 

I made contact with the design firm headed by former Newton Inc. design chief Keith Yamashita.  Somewhat surprised, they plan to pass on a letter I wrote asking for any info which might still have color patterns, branding info, and possible mockups for a future color OS.

Granted, we might need to abandon all of that to further divorce the system from Apple, but it would be nice to take the next step that might have happened by way of original momentum. 

I'll keep folks updated, by I'm curious to hear thoughts on the subject. We may be a ways off with respect to color, but it's prudent to reach out to those who were a part of the Newton team sooner than later. 


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