[NTLK] Does anyone have a Newton 2100 that needs a good home?

erminmistica at gmail.com erminmistica at gmail.com
Sun Mar 12 03:03:50 EDT 2017

Dear NewtonTalk Members,

It’s probably been years since I’ve posted on this digest but I make sure I keep receiving the emails. OF ALL THE GADGETS I’ve owned in the past, my absolute favorite were my Newtons, most notably my MessagePad 2100. That 2100 went with me EVERYWHERE! My friends until this day remember my 2100 like it was my Teddy. Lol! At any life happens and my Newtons had moved on. 

I’m regretting that a little but like rehoming beloved pets, I was not in a position to keep all the things I had. I’m not in a position to gain a little bit of the past again.

Does anyone a gently used MessagePad 2100 that would be willing to rehome? I am willing to pay well and even send follow up photos to show said Newton in it’s new home.

Just putting this message out to the Universe.

Thank you! 

Newton On!!!

- - 
Ermin Mistica
(773) 413-0316 Google Voice
erminmistica at gmail.com

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