[NTLK] FS: trusty MP2000 (upgraded)

Scott Ticknor ticknor at me.com
Tue Mar 14 11:31:30 EDT 2017

hey List.

I am paring down all my vintage stuff and should probably say goodbye to my old upgraded MP2K. It is the one i used for years, through college in the early 00s, and it shows. It is beat-up, scuffed, and not a museum piece. It is however, fully functional, the screen shows use but is not gouged or scratched, and the NiCad battery may even hold a bit of a charge. It will come with an adaptor if i can find it! I will also include any modem cards, etc. i can find. It comes with original stylus but it is trashed. I will look for a plastic one to include as well.

Ships form Canada (Ottawa). Asking $50 CAD + ship. Please email me off-list.

thanks for looking.


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