[NTLK] So many broken emate cables

NewtonTalk newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Fri Mar 17 18:08:27 EDT 2017

> Would it be possible to produce a batch of Emate display flat cables and
mass repair all those broken machines out there?

As someone else has already pointed out, they seem to be still available
from NewtonSales.

For a variety of reasons not worth going into here, I am not exactly a fan
of NewtonSales. However, at 25 bucks including shipping the question is if
attempting a repair would make economical sense. I can repair most cables
for ten bucks less and haven't had a complaint yet. But if you haven't done
this before, the chances of killing the cable for good are approximately

For what it's worth, a detailed review of the NewtonSales cable can be found




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