[NTLK] NTLK - FS: Newton accessories

Russ Bravo VM russbravo at virginmedia.com
Mon Mar 20 13:56:02 EDT 2017

Hi listers

Bought some Newton items from Wes Loder off this list recently, and he found some other bits he is happy to send to anyone who can use them for the cost of postage.
He's no longer on this list, so asked me to post this on his behalf. Please contact him on his email below if you're interested. Details below.
Russ, UK

>> I just discovered a cache of other Newton stuff. 
>> They consist of:

>> 1) 33.6 modem Kjacked cabled by megahertz

>> 2) Digital media compact flash  card holder by Simple Technology

>> 3)A WaveLan Turbo 11MbSliver 002.11  card

>> 4) Farallon Ethernet PC card with cables.

>> If interested I can probably send them for the cost of postage. Let me know. Thanks, WES LODER – mwl2 at psu.edu

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