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Noah Leon moosefuel at gmail.com
Mon Mar 27 08:06:24 EDT 2017

>This sounds way cool. I remember back in the day connecting my MP2000 to
my Motorola Teletac and checking my email that way.
>I?d be really interested to hear how this goes.

Yes I'm trying to decide whether I should splurge for a bluetooth PICO card
and follow the process here:
to connect to my mac for internet, since I no longer have a 802.11 WEP
network in my house. However, connecting to my Mac to share internet is not
really ideal because it would limit my movement a lot, so I was hoping
someone had tried to pair their newton to their phone and use the internet
(my iPhone has bluetooth internet sharing, for example), but I think that
this is pretty undocumented so it is probably impossible. It would be
really handy on the go, though, if it did work.

If I can find an inexpensive bluetooth card I will give it a go.

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