[NTLK] Newton 2000 and MacbookAir with NCX (Wifi only)

Forrest Buffenmyer newton_phoenix at mindspring.com
Wed Mar 29 23:46:00 EDT 2017

On Wednesday, March 29, 2017 at 2:54 am Piotrowski Pawe (Newton) wrote:

> I’m sorry for my tone, but that kind of answers (which you gave me) are very irritating. This shows that you are not reading with understanding.

My comment was meant in a very kindly and complimentary way, and not at all meant to be insulting or condescending.

Having said that--perhaps if YOU would "read with understanding" (as you put it) and actually search the NTLK archives (as I graciously suggested) you would have the answers to your questions. I did not make my suggestion lightly.

I am well aware of the limitations of both MAC filtering and WEP, as well as the theory that limiting the strength of the SSID signal can be an effective security tool.

I consider our conversation to now be completed.
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