[NTLK] Newton-compaible WiFi router FS/FT?

Forrest Buffenmyer newton_phoenix at mindspring.com
Tue May 2 02:06:34 EDT 2017

> On Apr 25, 2017, at 5:22 PM, Piotrowski Paweł (Newton) <newton at indigi.co.uk> wrote:
> OK, about AP for Newton. Officially I must admit that there is some issue with AP’s for Newton. I just tested my AirPortExtreme. Is not working. It’s strange, because WiFi connection is established (AirPort see Newton WiFi card. Router even give IP address), but there is some issue with DNS (like Robs problem).

I can attest that Airport Express devices work flawlessly with the MP2x00. That's what I use for connectivity.

I realize that's not exactly the subject of discussion here...just throwing it out there.


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