[NTLK] Flooding

Fundamental Learning - Rob Moody robmoody at fundamental-learning.com
Mon May 8 12:51:48 EDT 2017

I'm sure all on the list are thinking of you guys at this time...sympathies, as up north in Australia flooding can get pretty bad...not to be flippant, but time like this you definitely need a Newt!


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> On 8 May 2017, at 17:15, Noah Leon <moosefuel at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Andrei!
> Yes indeed we are being inundated with water. I spent a few hours yesterday
> with a friend packing sandbags. I live just off the island of Montreal on a
> smaller island, and yesterday evening we had our bridge to Montreal closed
> due to the danger a certain part of it would wash away. Our house is on a
> hill so we are fine, but large portions of a nearby town are full of water.
> I was there last night and I could visibly see the level of water on the
> road rising. It's pretty sad for the homeowners and businesses.
> You can see a drone flyby of my nearby area here:
> https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eoFh4KihlKk
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