[NTLK] Restart perpetual after battery change

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Fri May 19 17:10:13 EDT 2017

One of the old tricks is to remove power completely and let the Newt set
for a full day.  This might fix your problem.  If it doesn't then I
would say do a restart while holding then pen 1/3rd from the top on the
left side.  You should get a popup if you want to not enable packages.
If you tap yes.  It will freeze everything and see if you still have the
problem. If not then it is one of the packages you have installed.


On 5/19/2017 4:39 PM, Cédric SARTOUT wrote:
> Hi,
> I have not had a chance to talk about it yet, but I encounter a recurring problem on my MP2000.
> When I remove the batteries while they are recharging, and when I charge them, my MP2000 restarts continuously with the message "Sorry, a system error caused the system to restart".
> To get out of this situation I am often obliged to do several reset and I do not know why after a while it comes back, I restore and after no more problems until the next reload.
> An idea of the origin of the problem?
> For info, when it restarts I tried to remove the batteries and put on the mains but the effect is the same.
> I wonder if patch 711000 could not be causing the problem. What do you think ? thank you in advance
> Cédric

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