[NTLK] Restart perpetual after battery change

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Sun May 21 10:50:21 EDT 2017

It doesn't when plugged into the adapter? I thought you said was the
same either way? Could be a software issue that is messing up when on
battery.  I assume you are using a battery sled and not a MP2x00 battery?

If it works fine on the adapter, but not on a battery sled there are a
couple of hardware possibilities.  First there is a bad contact either
on that battery or in the sled.  Try cleaning the ends of all the
contact points (batteries and inside the sled) with a pencil eraser.  If
that don't work, try cleaning the contact points inside the MP2x00
itself but  it goes without saying be careful when you do this.  But you
should be able to without disassembling the newt.

If it is still doing it after all of that (and freezing all the
packages), then perhaps one with more internal hardware troubleshooting
will have a few ideas.  It could also be a weak solder joint inside the
battery slot.  Or perhaps there is a IC that gives this kind of failure
when on battery.  Frank would know better than I.


On 5/21/2017 5:44 AM, Cédric SARTOUT wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks Dan for these tricks. I had tried to leave it several days without power supplies but it had not changed anything. On the other hand I had not tested to block the packages, next time I test this solution.
> What is strange is that it only happens when the battery is changed. All the rest of the time it works perfectly.
> Thanks again
> Cedric
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