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I have the Mac User mag as well as some other items (OEM Newton manuals (Win/OSX), plastic style, and a few other things I'd be fine donating to you - not sure if it's too  late to make the campaign levels, but you're welcome to them. Let me know offline.

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On 19 Apr 2017, at 19:53, Noah Leon <moosefuel at gmail.com> wrote:

> I would also be interested in any footage from the 90?s or early 2000s that anyone might have related to the Newt. I realize it?s a long shot, but I know I have some short clips. Ok, one clip.

Hi Noah,  (And hi list! It?s been a long while)

I have a small archive of MacUser and MacFormat magazines from the 1993-1999 era, and some issues featured the Newton rather prominently (the 6 August 1993 issue of MacUser, for example, even has the Newton on the cover with the big announcement ?Newton Arrives!? and features a ?full report? inside). If you?re interested I could scan those materials for you. I don?t know exactly how much there are, so I don?t know how long it would take me, but I could try to approach this as a work in progress, scan things as I find them, and send the scans to you.

Let me know and all the best for your project. It?s really cool.


(Newton user since 2001, and absentee Newtontalker)




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