[NTLK] For Sale: Rebuilt eMate (or only the battery) for sale

NewtonTalk newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Wed May 31 17:17:27 EDT 2017

Hi all,

Only moments after I had finished rebuilding an eMate last week,
She-Who-Should-Not-Be-Contradicted promised to do her very best to show her
gratitude if it leaves our premises soon. Surprisingly, she thinks that we
have far too many Newton items in our little household. Which, of course, is
utter nonsense. I consider 2-3 dozens of Newtons the bare minimum. But
everyone's entitled to her own opinion, of course.

Since last time she did her very best to show her gratitude was an occasion
well worth remembering, it took not long to convince me to write this post.

The eMate is in what I would call very good condition. The hinge spring
problem has of course been taken care of. The battery has been rebuilt with
2100mAh cells, giving it 1.75 times the capacity of the original battery.
The package comes with the original 9W Newton AC adapter (American plug) and
an original 2MB Newton memory card. This card can be read, but not written
in eMates, but it is a good way to e. g. transfer stuff from a Newton to an

The package would set you back EUR 95.00 plus what I pay for shipping. This
is about six Euros if you live in Germany, 14 Euros if you live in Europe
and 20 Euros if you live elsewhere.

The preferred method of payment is an Amazon gift certificate, but PayPal or
a wire transfer would be OK, too.

Pictures are here:


I have noticed that the owner card is missing in the pictures. This was an
oversight. The card will be there when the eMate is shipped.

If nobody is interested, I will sell the battery separately. The price is
still EUR 35 plus what I pay for stamps.

Please drop me a line off-list if you are interested.


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