[NTLK] How does Newton help people learn?

Doug ispinn at gmail.com
Tue Nov 7 12:15:12 EST 2017

A friend of mine has an autistic child that has trouble learning through
writing, and he cannot and does not learn nor retain information as he's
writing--he has to type things in to make them stick. When he types things
in, he remembers, learns, processes, and moves on.

For a brief moment, I misread her explanation and thought, "Why doesn't she
have her son try a 2100? He can write and have the ink converted to text,
and then he can learn that way," but then I saw the error in my
understanding and shot myself down. Gallant thought, but... nice try, Doug.

The thought I'm entertaining, and the question I'm curious to ask the group

     In what ways can, does, or has the Newton helped people truly learn?


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