[NTLK] NPDS plugin project output type?

Sylvain Pilet pilets at mac.com
Mon Nov 13 18:41:42 EST 2017

Hi Morgan,

NSObjectFactory ?

…Chapter 4 in NewtonToolKit Guide…

Stream Files Option:
- - - - - - - - -
A stream file holds a hierarchy of NewtonScript frames in Newton Streamed Object Format (NSOF).
You can use stream files to incorporate into a project code or data that’s already been processed. You could place a large data structure into a stream file, for example, and then incorporate it into a new project without rebuilding the structure every time you build the project.
NTK builds a stream file essentially the same way it builds any other kind of project: it processes the source files in order and places the results in a new Managing and Building a Project file. You can then place that file in the project, where it will be processed in order during the build.
When it encounters a stream file during the build, NTK does two things:
■ It looks for an install slot in the frame at the top of the hierarchy, and if it finds one, sends the install message to the frame. This allows your stream file to define its own global functions or other objects.
■ It creates a constant named streamFile_filename, which references the contents of the stream file. You can then use this constant to incorporate the contents of the stream file into your software.
The NSOF specification is available under some restrictions from Apple—to request the specification, send mail to tools at newton.apple.com.
When you choose Stream File in Output Settings, NTK displays a Result field. You must enter in the Result field an expression—typically a global variable—that evaluates to the top-level frame of the output file.

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Le 13 nov. 2017 à 04:28, Morgan Aldridge <morgant at makkintosshu.com> a écrit :

> I'm trying to build a custom NPDS plugin (based on the DateBook Server 2.12
> source: <
> http://npds.free.fr/modules/datebookserver/DateBookServer-2.12.img.bin> and
> running into issues building the project in NTK (v1.6.4 under MacOS 7.6.1
> running in BasiliskII). The DateServ project has a project output type of
> Stream File as well as Custom Part (with some illegible characters in the
> text field) selected... I'm not sure how that's even possible as they're
> radio buttons. If I select "Auto Part", I get errors about my InstallScript
> method not accepting enough parameters.
> Any tips would be much appreciated,
> Morgan
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