[NTLK] Whereabouts of ICS software packages

DB DB at dbdigitalweb.com
Mon Nov 27 12:43:06 EST 2017

I tried all of the address I have for him and every one of them hard
bounced. :(


On 11/26/2017 2:45 PM, Dan wrote:
> Lets see, I have SleepAid 2.2, X-Port2, NewtsCase.  Seems like I have
> others as well, but not finding them.  Also inside of NewsCase is
> Gesture Launch, SoupKitchen 1.02, NewtInfo 1.21, Desktop 1.05, Quick
> Picker 3.1,  Extension Manger 3.0 (awesome little package best thing I
> ever found for freezing or turning off/on a bunch of packages at once).
>  Docs for all of them as well in PDF format.
> X-port is still the best thing when transferring text in or out of my newt.
> These are all the latest versions Dan Rowley did.  Talked with the guy
> long ago.  Not sure if I still have the contact info.  Will look around
> and see if I can find it.
> -Dan
> On 11/26/2017 12:38 PM, Grant Hutchinson wrote:
>>> On Nov 26, 2017, at 10:23 AM, Matej Horvat <matej.horvat at guest.arnes.si> wrote:
>>>> Does anyone have a stash of ICS's downloads somewhere?
>>> Which ones exactly are you looking for?
>>> I have ICSFixer and NewtInfo on my hard disk (don't remember where I got them) and SleepAid is here:
>>> https://stuff.mit.edu/afs/net.mit.edu/dev/software/newton/utilities/SLEEP-AI/
>> Actually, I'm not looking for anything specific.
>> I really just want to compile as much of the ICS software as possible, hopefully adding it to UNNA. I have a couple of the packages as well (Soup Kitchen, for example) ... but the packages and the documentation is scattered everywhere.
>> g.
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