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Yeah, perhaps “The Making Of” is not the best way to describe it, that thought occurred to me this morning.

Either an extended version made for private release or a completely separate film are both very good ideas, IMHO. As you mentioned, though, it’s probably a big enough task just to edit the original than to consider editing two versions at the same time.

Perhaps you could go the George Lucas route and in a few months or years play around with the original film; adding extra parts, scenes and characters (like he did with the original Star Wars trilogy). Why, you could even include an edited piece with Steve Jobs made to look as if you interviewed him!

Hee hee. I’m being facetious of course. 😉

In any case, the donation of material to
UNNA is a must at some point later on, I believe.


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>> These are just ideas at this point, we will have to see where it goes but I’m open to trying it.
> Hi Noah,
> I think yours ideas are so great! I support it!
> Best regards,
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