[NTLK] It's back: Online NES ROM packager for Newtendo

Victor Rehorst victor at chuma.org
Wed Oct 11 21:29:14 EDT 2017

*tl;dr* The online NESPackager is back, for all your ROM conversion needs:

https://ritsuko.chuma.org/nespackager/ (or non-secure 

Today, while noodling around on my lunch break writing Newton Glossary 
definitions, I stumbled across the existence of the /compact/ DCL that 
Eckhart Köppen forked from the original, like, four years ago: 

And I went "WTF!  My entire problem has been that the DCL was stuck with 
really old build tools and source that won't compile on modern systems 
without serious effort... /and someone already made that effort?!/"

Obviously, I'm a bit out of touch.

Aaaaaanyways, the compact DCL compiles into a nice shared library /like 
a pro/ on Linux.  And it supports everything that the NESPackager code 
requires (which is only the package and NSOF stuff, I believe).

So this evening, I compiled a brand-spanking-new NESPackager binary on 
my new Linux server, cleaned up the web page a tad, and now it's back up 
for anyone who wants to emulate a 30 year old console on a 20 year old 
handheld computer.  Seriously.

Need legal NES ROMs?  Try some of these coding competition submissions:



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