[NTLK] It's back: Online NES ROM packager for Newtendo

cedric at sartoo.fr cedric at sartoo.fr
Thu Oct 12 15:18:18 EDT 2017


I had just had by Paul Guyot the source of NesPackager and the 
compilation method but not yet had time to do so.


Thank you for this online version this will be very convenient. Hate to 
be able to test this weekend ;-)

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> Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2017 21:29:14 -0400
> From: Victor Rehorst <victor at chuma.org>
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> Subject: [NTLK] It's back: Online NES ROM packager for Newtendo
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> *tl;dr* The online NESPackager is back, for all your ROM conversion 
> needs:
> https://ritsuko.chuma.org/nespackager/ (or non-secure
> http://ritsuko.chuma.org/nespackager/)
> Today, while noodling around on my lunch break writing Newton Glossary
> definitions, I stumbled across the existence of the /compact/ DCL that
> Eckhart K?ppen forked from the original, like, four years ago:
> https://github.com/ekoeppen/cDCL
> And I went "WTF!? My entire problem has been that the DCL was stuck 
> with
> really old build tools and source that won't compile on modern systems
> without serious effort... /and someone already made that effort?!/"
> Obviously, I'm a bit out of touch.
> Aaaaaanyways, the compact DCL compiles into a nice shared library /like
> a pro/ on Linux.? And it supports everything that the NESPackager code
> requires (which is only the package and NSOF stuff, I believe).
> So this evening, I compiled a brand-spanking-new NESPackager binary on
> my new Linux server, cleaned up the web page a tad, and now it's back 
> up
> for anyone who wants to emulate a 30 year old console on a 20 year old
> handheld computer.? Seriously.
> Need legal NES ROMs?? Try some of these coding competition submissions:
> http://nesdevcompo.nintendoage.com/
> -V

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