[NTLK] Also back: Paperback book packager site

Victor Rehorst victor at chuma.org
Tue Oct 17 14:17:44 EDT 2017

Related to my message last week about the NESPackager site working 
again, I've also dusted off and restored my PaperBack book maker site.

https://ritsuko.chuma.org/paperback/  (or non-secure 

This allows you to take a plain-text file and pack it up into a "book" 
in the PaperBack book format (http://thefedors.com/pobox/) that you can 
then install on your Newton.  PaperBack books are not the same as Newton 
Books (created with Newton Press for MacOS or Windows) but they are, in 
some ways, more flexible.  And in 2017, way easier to create than 
finding a machine or VM that still runs Newton Press (and then having 
Newton Press crash over and over again... )

Anyways, enjoy.


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