[NTLK] Restarting Newton development

j thej at shaw.ca
Thu Aug 2 14:33:01 EDT 2018

I agree with you completely !!
The good part is, we have a huge base of ideas and examples that have already been fully developed! The Newton is one of those systems.

On my recent (and not so recent. I was a participant of the dawn of personal computing :-) explorations of doc-centric computing, I have explored many great examples of systems and frameworks.

SK8, Copland, NeXtStep, BeOS, Taligent, OS/2, SOM & OpenDoc, Lisa, VPRI STEPS, Squeak, Self, Morphic, Lively Kernel, Newton and even ClarisWorks (it is a custom Frames based component system)

Not all matched “my needs” but were interesting examples of new approaches for the time.

The ones that I was attracted to the most were:
SK8, Taligent, OpenDoc, VPRI STEPS, Morphic and Newton.

Detailed descriptions and even source code in some cases are available for these systems.
We have TONS of ideas and examples to build from!!

I found the Newton OS one of the most interesting. Very functional and flexible yet very light weight. I felt that it would be the most likely system to reimplement and by the looks of the current open source code base, I was right !!


> The idea of ​​designing a whole new system, in order to satisfy users first and foremost, is a wonderful project. It will take a lot of work, not just code!
> The philosophy, design, ergonomics, usability, evolution ... of such an OS must all be in agreement with this idea. This is what is happening today among the giants of computing. But their goal is different. So it also means that the methods we teach everyone are unfortunately oriented for the current business.
> We should be able to have genius ideas on every aspect of the project, for that to make sense. In a way, it's a quest for the holy grail of computing! :-)
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