[NTLK] Restarting Newton development?!

Simon Bell simonbell at me.com
Sat Aug 4 07:38:09 EDT 2018

> On 3 Aug 2018, at 20:11, Steven Frank <stevenf at panic.com> wrote:
> [Re: Newton.framework]  What's the intended usage model?  For example, if I wanted to use just the NewtonScript compiler, is it best to build the entire framework and link my app against it, or just tease out the classes related to the compiler?

I think you’d struggle to separate the compiler from the rest of the framework. It uses the Newton object system, obviously, so you need the whole garbage-collected heap, and that handles large binary objects which pulls in the store system, companders, and so on. Better I think for your application to call functions in the Newton-in-a-framework.

If I understand you rightly, pulling out the compiler means you’re interested in building some sort of new Newton Toolkit. If so, I absolutely agree that this is a priority if we want to engage new developers on this platform. NTX is my attempt at some sort of Xcode for Newton development, but I am sure you could do far better. I got bogged down trying to understand the pitifully documented macOS frameworks and have all but given up on it.

> What's the end-goal of the "MessagePad" target in the project?

The clue is in the name :)

> To be a native runtime for the NewtonScript extracted from the ROM, like we've occasionally discussed with Einstein?  How far along is it, and what can someone like me do to help?

Yes, pretty much.  At one time it got as far as showing the Extras drawer: it has a working NewtonScript environment, object store, view system and pen input but no HWR, so it doesn’t do anything useful. As for help: I think before diving in to the code we should talk some more about what we want exactly, where to focus our efforts so we can set some realistic goals and milestones. At the moment I have no goals with the project, it’s just an interesting challenge.


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