[NTLK] Just updated 3 eMates to patch 73J186.pkg

Robert Serna japecan at att.net
Sun Aug 5 15:34:29 EDT 2018

  Hello all,

  I haven’t contributed much in the last yearssssss, but always viewing.  I have been trying to get all my Newtons to the new patches but haven’t had any luck using OSX Sierra with NCX.  I just moved to New Mexico last year and went rummaging through boxes and found my last laptop from 2011, my old Powerbook G4 running OSX 4.11 and I put it away because it had “Kernel panics” and bought a MacBook Air 2011 running OSX Sierra now.  I have tried eveything using my Keyspan USA-28X on my MacBook Air but can’t get NCX to sync.  So low and behold powered up my Powerbook G4 that nice intro sound :) booted up and all looked good.  Opened NCX version 1.4 (45) connected my eMate via apple dongle/serial cord to Keyspan USA28X to my Powerbook G4.  Powered up eMate select “Dock” set to serial 115200 (seems to connect to this speed or Fast Serial .pkgs) and my eMate and Powerbook G4 were in sync.  I then tried downloading the .pkg but since I was using Safari 4.1.3 alot of the urls didn’t respond:(  So I just used my MacBook Air to download the file to a usb flash and stuck that flash into my Powerbook G4 and copied the files to my eMates.  It only took about 2 hours because I had to reboot both Powerbook G4 and eMate to get the Keyspan adapter to work.  Sorry about the long story. Oh I just found boxes of Newton Items that I will selling on Ebay eventually.  If I found doubles or more I will list here first like, PDA Satellite Black Leather Case slightly used ($100), dongle for MP2000/2100 have 2 used ones ($25) and original Apple 2MB Flash Storage card H008LL/A  sealed in plastic box looks good ($15).  This is just the first of many boxes.  Oh by the way has anybody so far connected using NCX 3.0?  I still can’t find the Keyspan USA-28x drivers.


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