[NTLK] Restarting Newton development?!

Steven Frank stevenf at panic.com
Sat Aug 11 20:09:23 EDT 2018

And for fun, here's a size comparison between an MP2100 and the just-released Surface Go.

https://stevenf.com/gfx/newton-vs-surface-go1.jpg <https://stevenf.com/gfx/newton-vs-surface-go1.jpg>

https://stevenf.com/gfx/newton-vs-surface-go2.jpg <https://stevenf.com/gfx/newton-vs-surface-go2.jpg>

The Surface Go is larger, but approximately the same weight, and much thinner.  Lying flat, the top of the Surface Go is just below the bottom of the PCMCIA slots on the side of the 2100!

Might make an interesting interim target for our.. whatever.. since it supports that pen, but I know next to nothing about Windows GUI programming...


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