[NTLK] Some newcomer questions

Grant Hutchinson splorp at me.com
Sun Aug 12 17:39:36 EDT 2018

> If it helps, I put my copy of the UNNA torrent up here:
> https://stevenf.com/unna/
> I'm also in the process of pinning it on IPFS at:
> /ipfs/QmU5ajKBybhpEhE4hY8EGB7YJ5H5qB7vpkWPB6h8W17Vnq
> And also the UNNA mirrors at:
> http://stevenf.com/unna-mirrors/

I think until Morgan can get unna.org back into fighting shape, this is an amazing solution (albeit a 2011 version of the archive).

Thank you!


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