[NTLK] Followup eMate memory upgrade boards

fg2 fg2 at pda-soft.de
Wed Aug 15 17:44:46 EDT 2018

Just to keep y'all salivating...

Today I ordered 5 EM-300 and 5 SER-001 prototype boards from Beta Layout in
Germany. Both will be manufactured based on the layout files I got from
Not exactly cheap at 130 bucks for the EM-3000 boards and 99 bucks for the
SER-001 boards, but the appealing add-on is that they come with a stencil
that will make application of solder paste much easier and thus save heaps
of time.

With the five EM-300 boards I intend to verify that what I found here


is actually true, namely that the eMate will accept cards that only contain
DRAM, only contain Flash RAM, or contain both. If this is the case, we might
be able to reduce the price of such an upgrade board a bit if someone only
wants more DRAM or more Flash RAM. If someone here knows that what is
explained on the page above is actually wrong, please chime in.

Buying EM-300 boards in batches of 50 from Beta Layout would bring the PCB
price down to about 10 Euros or so. But I doubt that I would be able to sell
that many upgrades. Apart from that, right now I only have about 30 new
Flash RAM chips and 2 new DRAM chips. 
I am still saving for this, but I'm almost there:


I could probably solder these boards manually under my microscope, but I'd
much rather avoid this. Moreover, I will only have to sell about 10 upgrades
at David's original price to get the cost of this investment back. Yes, now
it's ME who's salivating...



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