[NTLK] Followup eMate memory upgrade boards

Andrei Chichak newton at chichak.ca
Thu Aug 16 00:55:20 EDT 2018

> On 2018-August-15, at 22:36, Andrei Chichak <newton at chichak.ca> wrote:
> On 2018-August-15, at 15:44, fg2 <fg2 at pda-soft.de> wrote:
>> With the five EM-300 boards I intend to verify that what I found here
>> <http://www.computerlaptopmemory.com/computer-memory/AppleNewtoneMate300.htm
>> l>
>> is actually true, namely that the eMate will accept cards that only contain
>> DRAM, only contain Flash RAM, or contain both. If this is the case, we might
>> be able to reduce the price of such an upgrade board a bit if someone only
>> wants more DRAM or more Flash RAM. If someone here knows that what is
>> explained on the page above is actually wrong, please chime in.
> DRAM doesn’t sound right at all. I can see SRAM (static RAM), but DRAM (dynamic RAM) requires a bunch of extra circuitry to maintain the memory and isn’t at all like FLASH.

And I’m wrong.

From the picture at http://www.webring.org/hub/newtonring?w=1680;rh=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Einventors%2Demporium%2Eco%2Euk%2Fpages%2Fnewton%2Ehtml;rd=1 <http://www.webring.org/hub/newtonring?w=1680;rh=http://www.inventors-emporium.co.uk/pages/newton.html;rd=1>

the RAM chip is a 1Mx16 fast paged DRAM chip. Toshiba tc51v16160afts-70      
the flash is a E28F016SV 1Mx16 from Intel, which would have been sold off to someone.

The flash has a different footprint from the RAM, so I expect that what the literature meant was that you could buy the module with either the RAM installed, FLASH installed, or both.


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