[NTLK] MP2k (upgraded), MP2k, and eMate for sale (London, UK)

r0+newton at stupid.industries r0+newton at stupid.industries
Wed Aug 22 11:12:15 EDT 2018


I'm interested into the boxed eMate, if it's complete and working! 
I could take the whole lot, but it depends on your prices. 
I'm not in the UK, but I'm close! 


Le 22 août 2018 15:04:21 GMT+02:00, James R Grinter <jrg at watching.org> a écrit :
>I post this semi-reluctantly, but it’s time for me to let my Newtons go
>to a better home.
>I’ve got both an upgraded and a spare non-upgraded MP2k, at least one
>has a (AA) battery holder (I think one may have suffered from battery
>leakage and been thrown away). There’s a PDA concepts case and
>keyboard, a Farralon Ethernet card and cable, a linear flash storage
>card (Bay Networks branded), various serial cables, adapters, and the
>audio adapter dongle, various styli, and the Newton power adapter. I
>may still have a PCMCIA modem somewhere as well, no guarantees.
>Also a boxed eMate 300 and (I need to check in the box) it probably has
>a power supply too.
>Any interest? Offers, preferably for the lot? Happy to answer any
>questions, i can dig out more details and check anything as requested.
>I’m in north London, UK. Obviously pick up is easier (and cheaper) than
>posting, and it would be nice if they continued to live on and get some

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