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Sorry for stating the obvious—and you probably have already tried this—but our old pal Occam and his Razor have proved to be right more times than not (“the simplest answer is often the most correct”)....

Have you checked to be certain the serial port speeds match?

There is a package that will install a 115,200 bps serial connection on the Newton (NCX already has that option), which is usually the best choice as it is much faster than even 9600.

Still, both Newton and Mac must have the same connection speed for anything to happen.

Again, sorry if I am stating the obvious.


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> On Aug 25, 2018, at 3:05 PM, Tom Piper <macquest at mac.com> wrote:
> Sylvan & Dennis:
>>>> I have bad new for you, the USA-28X is now incompatible with 10.13.x and more.
> Using macOS 10.6.8 (under Parallels emulator), I have established contact with my Keyspan 28x (the Keyspan Serial Assistant actually shows the 28x), and am using the NCX (ver 2.0.4) app on the desktop . . . the new window says: “Start by establishing a connection from your Newton device.” . . . my eMate is plugged into the Keyspan via serial cable, and attempts to use the Dock, or Classroom Dock or NSync fail to make any connection!
> I feel like I must be really close, but cannot yet get the eMate to communicate with the MacBookPro . . . what am I missing?
> Tom
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