[NTLK] Cannot install NCU on Mac OS 9

r0 r0+newton at stupid.industries
Sun Aug 26 08:47:19 EDT 2018

> Have you turned off the extensions ? Hold down the Shift key whilst
> restarting your iMac. Select Easy Install, then proceed to install
> NCU. Restart your iMac normally.

Thanks! That did the trick :) Completely forgot about the extension-less 

NCU is working on the iMac now. However, I cannot manage to connect to 
the Newton.
Seems like either the cable or the Newton is dead...
Tried on another Mac (PowerBook 190) with NBU, and the Newton wasn't 
recognized either, so I guess the Keyspan adapter used on the iMac is 
Considering that the Keyspan loopback test fails with the cable plugged 
from port 1 to port 2, seems like the cable is indeed the culprit.
Or at least, I hope so...

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